The Craft of Jewelry Making with Beads: A Work of Love and Skill

Making jewelry with beads is a labor-intensive process that requires skill, patience and precision. Each piece of jewelry begins with the careful selection of beads. The beads are then strung or woven by hand, with each step performed meticulously to create a harmonious and durable final product. This meticulous process ensures that each piece of […]

The Preparations…

The labor-intensive process of piercing the natural seeds is a true art. Each seed is pierced by hand, which requires patience, precision and craftsmanship. This complex process ensures that each piece is unique and adds authentic value to our products. By supporting this traditional craft, we help preserve cultural heritage and provide economic opportunities for […]

Thank You World Shop Castricum: Together We Support Women in the Amazon of Suriname!

Iniri would like to sincerely thank Wereldwinkel Castricum from the Netherlands( for their generous donation. Thanks to your support, women in southern Suriname, in the beautiful Amazon region can continue and improve their jewelry production. This donation is invaluable to the community. The women there make unique, handmade jewelry that is an important source of […]

Capacity building

Capacity Building: Strengthening Skills and Knowledge Through extensive training sessions, community members learn advanced techniques in handicrafts, sustainable resource management and business skills. These workshops cover a range of topics, including: Creating a Sustainable Income The goal of these capacity-building initiatives is to create sustainable livelihoods for indigenous communities. By improving their skills and providing […]


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