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The survival of the Amazon rainforest has major implications for life on our entire planet. A healthy and intact Amazon will help stabilize the climate patterns upon which we, our global economies, and ecosystems depend. The rainforest will continue to serve as the world’s largest repository of biodiversity, providing a habitat for a wide range of organisms that could be of significant value to human health.

Inïrï Rainforest Jewelry is a brand offering Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP), established by women from the indigenous communities of South Suriname (Kwamalasamutu, Apetina, Sipaliwini). Our goal is to provide sustainable alternative income for our communities in the Amazon rainforest of Suriname, enabling us to continue our crucial role as protectors of the Amazon area.

The creation of handicrafts inspired by nature and our culture is an integral part of the heritage of the Trio & Wayana tribes of Suriname.

What inspires us are the perfect creations of nature; the beautiful shapes and colors that are sometimes hidden deep within our rainforest. We create jewelry and decorations that remind us of all the beauty we see here. We make all our pieces with great care and attention.

Help us protect nature!


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 +579 8836-646
 +579 8836-646

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